Sandra Hope Expert Female Private Investigator Specializing In Infidelity Divorce And Child Custody And Spy Shop Store  
Mate Check, LLCĀ® Lic No. 1003408 & Bonded - Nationwide
Mate Check Private Investigations headquartered in Phoenix Arizona with offices in every union and local juridiction of the united states locally that specializes in infidelity, divorce and child custody matters. Infidelity, Adultery, Affairs, Unfaithful behavior, all lead to a break-up or divorce and Mate Check Private Investigations takes your case very seriously. Sandra Hope the founder and owner of Mate Check LLC. has gained national attention as the expert female private investigator and has been featured on CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, and much more, she is often referred to as the go to lady when it comes to matters of the heart, see her media page. Sandra Hope's brand has been featured in the hit television show Sex Decoy; Love Stings that aired on the Fox Reality Channel. The Fox network focused on the issue of infidelity by the utilization of the service invented by Sandra Hope called the Decoy Service. The Decoy service is where we send in either a male or female decoy who is a licensed private investigator to see if your spouse or significant other would cheat if given the opportunity.

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                        With Mate Check's popularity of the decoy service she has been contacted to go undercover for many other issues such as corporate fraud, embezzlement cases, criminal investigations, stopping unscrupulous business practices of competitors. Sandra Hope and her staff are true chameleons and can be placed into any situation.
Sandra Hope of Mate Check Private Investigations is considered the expert female private investigator and because of that you can expect if you hire Mate Check LLC. that our private investigators have the skill, knowledge and training with all of the latest investigative techniques and equipment. We can handle any investigative situation no matter how big or small. When you contact Mate Check LLC. tell us the when, the why, and the how so we can formulate the right products or services for your investigative situation. Everything you tell Mate Check is confidential by law so please tell us everything so we can fully understand your Investigative needs. Since Mate Check also has a full spy shop store we can make the right recommendations on spy equipment that will get you the answers you seek