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Statistics say that 85% of women who feel their lover is cheating are correct and 50% of men who feel their lover is cheating are right. If you have suspicious, consider some of the following and be as impartial as possible. QUICK CHECK LIST OF SIGNS OF CHEATING



• Working lots of overtime
• Excessive use of the Internet
• Additional mileage on the car
• Acting overly nice to you
• Hanging out with new friends
• Smells of perfume, cologne, or alcohol
• Hiding phone or cell-phone bill
• Using a pager
• No longer interested in sex
• No longer wearing a wedding ring
• Saying "I need space"
• Sudden increase in time away from home
• Often distracted and daydreaming
• Not returning phone calls in a timely fashion
• Asking about your schedule more than usual
• Getting his or her laundry done independently
• Using more Viagra
• Paying more attention to clothes and accessories
• More interested in trying new things sexually than before
• Less attentive
• Less interested in family issues
• Has more cash on hand than usual
• Has unexplained receipts or personal effects in wallet
• Has unexplained payments on bank statement
• Has gas credit card receipts from gas stations at uncommon locations
• Getting suspicious phone messages
• Making unusually long phone calls
• Visiting unusual sites on the Internet
• Getting uncommon e-mail messages
• Becomes nervous when watched when on the phone or computer
• Changes facial hair
• Changes hair style
• Has to stay late at work
• Talks on the phone outside or in a hidden place
• Turns off the phone
• Turns the phone up-side down so you can't see the screen
• Hang up phone calls
• Hides what they are doing on the computer when you enter the room.
• Jumps when you see them on their computer or phone.
• Has a password on everything they own.
• When you asked them a question they get on the defensive
• Starts fights with you so they have an excuse to leave the house
• New sexy bra's and underwear for females
• New underwear and clean underwear for males
• Girls night out
• Guys night out
• Has unrealistic stories why it took them so long to run an errands, i.e.; ran out of gas, drove further then had to, got lost, traffic, someone called and needed their help and my favorite, my phone died or I was out of the service area
• Going to strip clubs because they had to take a client out
• Didn't know that the people they were with were going to the strip club
• They twist the question that you asked them and put the blame on you
• Say their leaving if you don't stop nagging them over a small conversation or question
• Cuts you down and tells you that you're crazy
• Blames you that you are cheating
• Watches porn
• Has a profile on flirting sites or dating sites or both
• Won't let you use their computer or phone
• Stares at other woman
• Gets up in the middle of the night to go on the computer or to watch pron on TV.
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